Breathing Courses

breathing courses

Breathing courses can help you improve your health and reduce stress. Regular practice can also improve your energy levels and performance in sports and improve your resilience against colds and flu. For optimal results, breathing exercises should be practised daily for at least six weeks. Afterwards, you can stop them and continue with your normal life. Breathing courses are generally held in small groups and usually comprise of four sessions of 90 minutes each, plus two follow-up sessions. Some breathing courses also offer telephone support and private sessions for individual clients.

HOW IMPORTANT breathing courses?

The course will involve hands-on training and use evidence-based assessment tools such as a self-assessment questionnaire and manual assessment of respiratory motion. These courses will also explore the causes and effects of breathing disorders. These conditions can be caused by structural-anatomical factors, disease processes, and even psychological factors. A comprehensive understanding of the causes of breathing disorders is critical to optimizing treatment.

The Oxygen Advantage(r) online breathing course is suitable for beginners and is a great next step for those who have already read Patrick McKeown’s book. It offers a unique set of breathing exercises that are both easy to learn and highly effective. Its two-hour video content explains these techniques in easy-to-follow step-by-step video instructions.

While the Buteyko Breathing Method can be hard to find in some regions of Australia, Sydney has regular sessions and can be a good option for anyone seeking breathing treatment for sleep apnoea or other breathing problems. If you’re interested in attending one of these courses, you should contact Paul O’Connell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health.